Data Quality Management – How to Enhance Your Database


At its simplest definition, data quality refers to the accuracy, currency, organization, and usefulness of any types of data. Data quality is a way of measuring these desirable qualities of different types of data, and of identifying areas that need improvements. The principles of data quality management can be applied to various kinds of data, such as transactional data, customer contact data, and supply chain data.

Data quality is a definite concern for businesses with concerns for customer relationship management and continuing improvement of targeted marketing efforts. The main tools of data quality management include content management systems and customizable database software. One of the best ways to improve the quality of your business’s data is to enhance and adjust … Read the rest

Mobile Marketing Trends – Get Into The Program


If you own a business and haven’t yet added mobile marketing to your overall promotional efforts, now’s the time to act. Mobile Internet use is growing at a much faster rate than desktop computing, and it’s estimated the vast majority of the population will own a mobile device within the next decade. Your customers and your direct competitors are using smartphones and tablets to look up information, and you’ll want to reach them with your marketing messages on these platforms.

The Widespread Popularity of Mobile Search

According to recent statistics, up to 35% of all online searches are on mobile devices, and up to 60% of those searches are for information related to products or services. A number of … Read the rest