Mobile Marketing Trends – Get Into The Program


If you own a business and haven’t yet added mobile marketing to your overall promotional efforts, now’s the time to act. Mobile Internet use is growing at a much faster rate than desktop computing, and it’s estimated the vast majority of the population will own a mobile device within the next decade. Your customers and your direct competitors are using smartphones and tablets to look up information, and you’ll want to reach them with your marketing messages on these platforms.

The Widespread Popularity of Mobile Search

According to recent statistics, up to 35% of all online searches are on mobile devices, and up to 60% of those searches are for information related to products or services. A number of those searches generate either phone calls to a local business or in-person visits. People enjoy mobile searches for their convenience; they can find local business information from any place, without the need to be tied to their desktop computers. Your target customers are constantly on the go, and a successful mobile marketing strategy will reach them when they’re much more likely to make purchases from you.

Mobile Strategy: Now a Marketing Essential

Mobile marketing keeps presenting more opportunities for you to connect with your customers on a personalized level, and this type of marketing also increases productivity. More mobile promotions increase the chances of your customers sharing your marketing messages with their friends, since a large percentage of people use at least one mobile social media app. To bring in good results from mobile marketing efforts, you’ll need to understand a few key trends regarding what types of messages to use, as well as when to post them.

Trends to consider for mobile marketing efforts include topics that are popular among your target audience within a given time frame. Keeping tabs on these trends will give you insights about what’s important to them and will allow you to tailor your marketing messages accordingly. Working with this information will allow you to target your customers with messages that resonate with them.

Where to Begin With Mobile Marketing

When you first start this area of your marketing strategy, two main areas of focus are your mobile website and your business’s social media optimized for mobile app browsing. A website optimized for mobile browsing has a much lower “bounce rate” as your customers will find it easy and enjoyable to use. Since so many people spend a good deal of time on their smartphones throughout each day, a sale can happen at any time and place if your mobile site includes ordering capabilities.

Your target customers are using more than one social media mobile app on a regular basis, affording you that many more chances to connect with them. One ad posted, blogged, or tweeted is no longer enough. The key to reaching these potential buyers through different social mediums is to tailor your messages to the common characteristics of specific social media users. It’s also essential to adjust these promotional posts to your average customer’s day-to-day social media activity. Each social platform has its own peak times of activity, when your target customers are the most likely to be on them. This part takes research and some planning ahead, but it’s important to reach as many of your potential buyers as possible with your mobile marketing campaigns.

Having a solid mobile marketing strategy is now vital for your business to keep up with and surpass your direct competitors. Mobile browsing will continue to see steady growth into the future, and more of your customers will be connecting with your business through mobile social media. More of them will additionally be making purchases from you through your optimized mobile site. Since a sale can happen any time and anywhere, your marketing messages also need to reach your mobile-device-using customers at any time and from any location.